Helping your people understand their purpose.

“Where will I find energy to tackle this project?”

“I don’t know where to start…”

We all face situations that seem impossible at times.

When things get tough, when we’re running on empty and struggling with our resilience levels, we need to ask ourselves ‘why am I doing this’?

“Why am I working additional hours at my day job?” So I can pay the rent, mortgage and utility bills. So that I can provide for my family.

“Why am I pushing myself to go above and beyond?” So I can be successful, have more options and leave a legacy for my children. So I can contribute my ideas and experience to my community.

Whatever our WHY, the questions we ask ourselves are important and powerful.

When we ask ourselves WHY we are doing something, we attach a greater motivator to our actions, which then becomes our motivating reason -such as our family or our future.

The same is true for your employees at work. When your people are clear about the WHY, the how is easier to figure out.

Employees, are individual people with hopes, dreams and visions. When they understand the business WHY (the reason for being), they are more likely to contribute to the company’s success.

Why? Because they see themselves being part of a worthwhile goal and are therefore they are more likely to work harder and with more enthusiasm to achieve that goal.