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How Talent Ready is Your Organisation?

Are your management and leadership teams tuned into the concept of managing talent? Do they understand the talent continuum and have a clear view of the entire talent life cycle in your business?

The phrase ‘war for talent’ appears to have become so embedded in business lexicon these days that there’s a lot of talk, but not enough action.  

Despite leaders stating that their human capital are their greatest assets and that they are committed to developing those assets, they still continue to revert to command and control practices – viewing talent as a cost, something to be controlled and replaced on a regular basis.  The other challenge is that whilst some leaders understand that talent can provide strategic competitive advantage, they don’t know how to implement and execute a talent mindset within their organization. 

Managers and leaders who adopt a talent mindset, understand that the task of talent scouting and talent managing, cannot be solely delegated to HR.   They see talent management as a central and critical part of being a leader and have an action plan to strengthen the talent in the positions immediately below them and within the organisation.

If you feel that having a Resourcing Plan is wasting time, consider that 70% of organisations need to hire at least every 3 months.   If you have a good resourcing plan, recruitment processes and systems in place to support your hiring decisions, then the fire engine is at least ready and waiting…

Operating in ‘fire fighting mode’ is rarely an enjoyable experience nor is it good business practice.  If your business does not have a Talent Management or Resourcing Plan in place, you will be wasting unnecessary time, possibly making hasty decisions and prioritizing ‘getting a bum on a seat’ rather than making a strategic hiring decision when you next need to increase your team.

After researching 1,435 organisations, management guru, Jim Collins, concluded that what makes good businesses great is not their business strategy, execution, or timing, it is their talent management. These businesses have the best possible person in every role, act when they have gaps and maintain this approach regardless of market conditions.  They are also more likely to outperform their competitors.

How talent ready is your business to win and secure new contracts, grow and diversify existing opportunities, manage headcount fluctuations in your production or manufacturing cycle or cope with mandatory changes in legislation that require additional headcount?  Not sure where to start? Trinity has supported business just like yours to compile Resourcing plans that work for their size and complexity of business.  It’s not complicated, you just have to start with a plan.