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HR Forum – Rebuilding Trust at Work.

Join us for a free HR Forum on Monday, 22nd June at 12:30 where Susannah Brade-Waring and Janell White, will be discussing how HR and Leadership teams can rebuild trust at work as business transition back to work post Covid.

The pandemic has provided many leaders the ability to increase their trust bank balance by navigating through the uncertainty, stepping up communication with their Employees and remaining calm amidst the frenzy. However, there is no doubt that the pandemic has led to substantial shifts in society and many of the familiar structures, ways of doing things and assumptions we had before Covid, will be very different post Covid.

Building trust within an employment relationship is multi-faceted; it is earned and given. The loss of trust can have devastating consequences for an organisation. When employees do not trust management, productivity falls, turnover rises, poor morale sets in and initiative evaporates. Left unattended, trust can have a high financial price.

The key driver of trust is communication. Organisations with high levels of trust, communicate good and bad news to Employees, and they do it often. Their leadership teams understand how communication, consistency, follow-through, respect and internal customer service contributes to those results.

As organisations prepare to recover, special attention must be given to how Employees will be feeling about change. For some it will feel like betrayal and others will have survivors’ guilt and be fearful of what the change means for them. These emotions cannot be underestimated. It affects people, their belief in themselves, the organisation and ultimately impacts business results.

Join us at the HR Forum on Monday, 22nd June at 12:30 where we will be sharing how HR and Leaders can continue to build and strengthen trust within their teams post Covid.

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