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The economics of happy Employees

Unhappy people aren’t fun to work with, aren’t good for business, impact colleagues and the culture in profoundly negative ways.

Emotions are complex and contagious. They are linked to how we feel about ourselves, how we behave, what we think about and how we treat ourselves and others.

At work our emotions are just as critical.  How we feel about the work we do, the environment in which we do it in and the people we work with, all have a significant impact on our productivity.

That’s great, but we don’t pay our employees to be happy. We pay them to work.

That may be so, but emotions, like bad behaviour are contagious. When people are happy, they are productive, innovative and can be excellent brand ambassadors.

The recent World Happiness Report 2020,  concludes that “removing worry” has a big impact on happiness. This means reducing fear and giving people a sense of safety.

As employees return to work, be open and transparent about their employment, ensure work practices are inclusive and fair and assure people that the company will keep the workplace clean and safe.

When people are worried and fearful, they cannot be resilient and they don’t have the energy and creativity to move ahead.

If employees are happy, customers are happy and everybody wins.