Trinity HR

We are an outsourced, independent HR Consultancy, working across a variety of industry sectors and with businesses of all sizes, across the UK.
Our ethos is to is to work in partnership with our Clients to deliver practical and pragmatic solutions. Our aim is to help you build a positive workplace culture, enabling your managers to become more confident in aspects of people management which will enhance team cohesion and positively impact business results.
We help you and your managers navigate many of the unfamiliar employment law and compliance obligations of people management, to find the most appropriate solution for your business.  But we never forget that every decision, impacts people and therefore our approach is always respectful and dignified.
From time to time, we also engage experienced Associates, who we engage on a project by project basis.  All our Associates are hand-picked and share our values.

How we work

We work with you as an independent HR Business Partner, working as part of your business, but not on your payroll. From short term, in-house assignments to longer term People related projects, we provide flexible but tailored solutions for your needs.
From business restructures, requiring strategic planning and important decisions, through to operational people matters often involving sensitive conversations with managers and employees, we provide pragmatic and practical advice and support.

Recent Posts

Why Resilience matters to your business.

The workplace can be a challenging environment and can test even the most tenacious employee.  Headcount reductions, deadlines, rivalry, and organisational change can all impact an individual’s capacity to cope and thrive at work. Equally, managers and leaders are often under significant pressure and may not realise how their actions contribute to the levels of… Continue reading Why Resilience matters to your business.

Employees don’t leave organisations, they leave Managers.

I have recently been coaching an exceptionally talented individual who believes that she wants a change of career. However, as our coaching sessions have progressed it has become clear that it may not necessarily be a career, but a change of line manager that she needs. Line management responsibilities should come with a warning –… Continue reading Employees don’t leave organisations, they leave Managers.

Are Employees entitled to be paid during travel quarantine?

From 8th June, the UK introduced the requirement to self-isolate for 14 days upon return from most overseas travel. The requirement to self-isolate requires those entering the country to remain at their address for 14 days. The requirement is mandatory and those who fail to comply will commit a criminal offence. These rules will have… Continue reading Are Employees entitled to be paid during travel quarantine?

Workplace Wellbeing first worked with Janell following our commencement as the new occupational health providers to an international aviation company in 2015.

From the outset I was impressed by Janell’s clarity and knowledge of employment law. This was reinforced by a compassionate and supportive approach which made our role as the contracted occupational health providers very much easier.

Janell was always available to discuss difficult cases and would provide a rational viewpoint that was both fair, and commercially sustainable, while never losing sight of the fact that she was dealing with people’s lives.

We are extremely excited to be working with Janell again and cannot praise her HR skills enough.

Jane Stevenson, Director Workplace Wellbeing

“Janell’s extensive experience and expertise provide Celebration Crackers with invaluable support to our HR function and helps to develop our departments into strong, confident, independent teams.  Janell offers a knowledgeable, holistic and personal approach to business requirements, which result in tailored, practicable and appropriate solutions in the context of our unique business”

Jo Neil, Head of Support Services